What people are saying about Cecilia

“Cecilia has deep roots in Winters. Years ago, her dad and I started the Winters Senior Foundation together. Before she even ran for office, she worked with me to expand the foundation, bring senior housing to Winters, and other supportive senior services. When she was elected Mayor, she kept her focus on delivering a better, safer community for seniors and all residents. We need public servants like Cecilia in the Assembly.”

Mary Ralston

“I’m proud to endorse Winter’s first female mayor, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, for Assembly. Cecilia’s approach to leadership, bringing people together, finding common ground, and working toward action, has revitalized Winters. We need more dedicated mothers, like Cecilia, in the Assembly bringing a common-sense approach to getting things done for the people.”

Betsy Marchand

Former Yolo County Supervisor

“Cecilia simply gets it. A lot of people talk about what they’re going to do for business, Cecilia just does it. Whenever something came up regarding opening our tasting room, I’d call Cecilia, and she’d help us get through the city bureaucracy. California needs Cecilia Aguiar-Curry in the Assembly, fighting to make it easier for business to prosper.”

Corine Martinez

Owner, Berryessa Gap Winery

“I’m supporting Cecilia because of her education priorities. She’ll be a champion of our kids, fighting to deliver more resources to the classroom, support our teachers, and ensure our schools are modernized with wifi, computers, and the technology of today.”

Nick Giramonte

Principal, Winters High School

“Working with Cecilia shows what a dedicated public servant can deliver to a community – cleaner, safer neighborhoods, state of the art classrooms, and a vibrant local economy. I’m supporting Cecilia because of what she can and will do in the Assembly.”

Bill Julian

“From her first day in office, Cecilia has delivered for the kids of Winters. She brought computers and WiFi to every classroom and worked with PG&E to bring Pathways to Success to our schools.  Through her hard work and nose to the grindstone mindset, Cecilia will deliver for California’s children when she’s elected to serve in the Assembly.”

Paul Fawcett

Principal, Winters High School

“Cecilia has worked tirelessly for the betterment of our community and region. She is a visionary and works to collaborate with elected officials, our Chamber of Commerce members and the community to bring good solid businesses to Winters. She was instrumental in bringing the $75M PG&E training center to Winters, which has spurred the building of a downtown hotel, new retail and agri-tourism. These new investments will really help spur our economic development and continued revitalization of our community.”

Kathy Cowan

President, Winters Chamber of Commerce

“I can always count on Cecilia for support of our transportation issues here in Winters and the region. I depend on the bus to get me to Vacaville to pick up my medication and to Woodland for my medical needs. Access to services is a challenge for all rural communities and I know Cecilia will continue to fight for us.”

Patty Scharff

Senior Citizen

“I have been a member of the Hispanic Advisory Committee for eight years and am thankful for the opportunities and mentoring that I have been offered. Cecilia has been instrumental in working with the Hispanic community and she keeps our needs at the forefront. She helped us in obtaining U.S.Citizenship classes, getting city documents translated to Spanish, and supported after school programs and a new health care facility. I know in the Assembly she will continue to keep us a priority.”

Leticia Quiarte

“As a family farmer, Cecilia knows like few others the real hardships farmers have faced over the last decade. That’s why I’m supporting her. With Cecilia in the Assembly, we’ll have an advocate for the ag industry that knows what family farmers face every day in their efforts to deliver the crops Californians crave.”

Joe Martinez

“The Ag Industry in California faces real challenges – too little water, over regulations, and steep competition. We need an advocate in Sacramento that will fight for us and deliver real change, that’s why I’m supporting Cecilia. She’ll be a champion for farmers in the Assembly.”

Craig McNamara

“Small businesses have been hurting over the past decade, and we’re just now recovering. I’m worried that our recovery is going to be stunted by Sacramento adding new taxes and regulations. That’s why its so important to elect Cecilia Aguiar-Curry. As a businesswoman, Cecilia knows the real impacts regulatory changes have on our bottom lines. In the Assembly, I know Cecilia will stand up and fight for us.”

Chris Harris

Davis small business owner

“I’ve worked side-by-side with Cecilia and seen her cut through the bureaucracy and politics to get things done for residents and businesses. I’m supporting her because I know she will work toward delivering a sustainable source of water for the ag and wine industry in California, the life blood of jobs in our area.”

Tony Turkovich

Owner, Turkovich Family Winery

“There is no question that a strong Latina candidate will benefit California’s legislature, a state government which is in need of more diverse representation. The Latino Caucus is proud to endorse Cecilia and looks forward to watching the race.”

Luis Alejo

Chairman, California Latino Caucus

“Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is a great example of the saying ‘when women lead, things get done.’ During her time as a City Councilmember and the first woman Mayor of Winters, Cecilia has really made her mark, not only on her city, but on the region.

“From putting computers in all classrooms, to creating jobs through the siting of the PG&E Training Facility in Winters and leading the charge to improve broadband connectivity in the region, Cecilia has seized opportunities to get things done and improve her community.

“With the ranks of women in the legislature having dropped over the past several years, it is more important than ever before to elect qualified women. That’s why we are proud to announce our support for Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for Assembly District 4.”

Sherri Loveland

NWPC-CA President

“I’m proud to endorse Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for Assembly because of her willingness to stand up and fight for what she believes in.

“I’ve seen Cecilia in action. She has the ability to bring people together, the strength of character to stand up for her values, a great work ethic, and a history of getting things done. I know that, if she’s elected to serve in the Assembly, she will deliver for our children and make a lasting impact on our state.”

Delaine Eastin

Former CA Superintendent of Public Instruction

“I am proud to endorse Cecilia for the California State Assembly. She is the hardest-working mayor I know. Every day she works for the people of Winters because she cares deeply about her community. I trust she will work just as hard for the residents of the Assembly district.

“Her leadership on such issues as broadband access is admirable. I know she will continue to level the playing field to rural residents.

“I don’t always agree with her, but she is a woman of integrity and I respect that. Whether you like it or not, Cecilia tells it like it is. She is a straight-shooting, honest person.”

Duane Chamberlain

Yolo County Supervisor