In the midst of crises that threaten the physical and economic health of residents and businesses, Cecilia will continue to be a strong, steady, common sense voice for the small cities and towns of District 4.

Protect public health and safety

Saving lives and livelihoods In the middle of a pandemic will require a steady hand, common sense, and a commitment to our core values and principles. And the challenges we face every year – wildfires, drought, a lack of healthcare access in poor and rural communities, homelessness, poverty and income inequity – continue to demand hard work and collaboration.

Cecilia will:

  • Work with state and local leaders to ensure healthcare providers in our district have the scarce health care resources they need;
  • Push for reliable broadband service – so crucial in times like these – in all communities;
  • Advocate for practices that both protect public health and allow for much-needed economic recovery.

Strengthen our public education system

  • Invest in quality education and smaller class sizes
  • Fund childcare services, for every child, starting at birth
  • Increase career technical education and job training programs
  • Invest in music and the arts as core components of public education
  • Make college accessible and affordable for all

Protect our farmland, air, water and open space

  • Recognize climate change as the global emergency it is, and make sure California leads the country in protecting air quality and controlling emissions
  • Promote a 100% renewable energy market that uses all the diverse energy generation technologies available
  • Preserve the unique natural beauty of our District and the state
  • Protect the Delta and Northern California water resources

Fight for working families

  • Work to achieve quality, affordable health care for EVERY Californian
  • Protect retirement security
  • Help ensure a smooth transition to a $15 minimum wage and work with employers to protect small businesses and attract new employers to the state