We Support Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
for State Assembly!

“There is no question that a strong Latina candidate will benefit California’s legislature, a state government which is in need of more diverse representation. The Latino Caucus is proud to endorse Cecilia and looks forward to watching the race.”

Luis Alejo

Chairman, California Latino Caucus

“Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is a great example of the saying ‘when women lead, things get done.’ During her time as a City Councilmember and the first woman Mayor of Winters, Cecilia has really made her mark, not only on her city, but on the region.

“From putting computers in all classrooms, to creating jobs through the siting of the PG&E Training Facility in Winters and leading the charge to improve broadband connectivity in the region, Cecilia has seized opportunities to get things done and improve her community.

“With the ranks of women in the legislature having dropped over the past several years, it is more important than ever before to elect qualified women. That’s why we are proud to announce our support for Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for Assembly District 4.”

NWPC-CA President Sherri Loveland

“I’m proud to endorse Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for Assembly because of her willingness to stand up and fight for what she believes in.

“I’ve seen Cecilia in action. She has the ability to bring people together, the strength of character to stand up for her values, a great work ethic, and a history of getting things done. I know that, if she’s elected to serve in the Assembly, she will deliver for our children and make a lasting impact on our state.”

Former CA Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin

“I am proud to endorse Cecilia for the California State Assembly. She is the hardest-working mayor I know. Every day she works for the people of Winters because she cares deeply about her community. I trust she will work just as hard for the residents of the Assembly district.

“Her leadership on such issues as broadband access is admirable. I know she will continue to level the playing field to rural residents.

“I don’t always agree with her, but she is a woman of integrity and I respect that. Whether you like it or not, Cecilia tells it like it is. She is a straight-shooting, honest person.”

Yolo County Supervisor Duane Chamberlain

“I’m proud to endorse Winter’s first female mayor, Cecilia Aguiar­Curry, for Assembly. Cecilia’s approach to leadership, bringing people together, finding common ground, and working toward action, has revitalized Winters. We need more dedicated people, like Cecilia, in the Assembly bringing a common­sense approach to getting things done for the people.”

Betsy Marchand, former Yolo County Supervisor

California Democratic Party
Latino Legislative Caucus
California Professional Firefighters
California State Firefighters Association
California Association of Highway Patrolmen
National Women’s Political Caucus – California
California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
Napa Chamber of Commerce
Napa/Solano Central Labor Council
California School Employees Association
California State University Employees Union (CSUEU), CSEA/SEIU Local 2579
California Correctional Peace Officers Association
Planned Parenthood Northern California Action Fund
California State Retirees
California Trucking Association
State Coalition of Probation Organizations
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Crime Victims United
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North Bay/North Coast Broadband Consortium
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce Board
Congressman Mike Thompson
Congressman John Garamendi
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Senator Mike McGuire
Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
Assemblymember Bill Dodd
Assemblymember Ken Cooley
Assemblymember Jim Cooper
Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez
Assemblymember Luis Alejo
Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia
Assemblymember Roger Hernandez
Assemblymember Jim Wood

Fiona Ma, Chairwoman, State Board of Equalization
Delaine Eastin, Former CA Superintendent of Public Instruction
Kimberly Dolbow-Vann, Supervisor, Colusa County
Jim Steele, Supervisor, Lake County
Mark Luce, Supervisor, Napa County
Alfredo Pedroza, Supervisor, Napa County
Diane Dillon, Supervisor, Napa County
Jill Techel, Mayor, City of Napa
Scott Sedgley, Councilmember, City of Napa
John Vasquez, Supervisor, Solano County
Linda Seifert, Supervisor, Solano County
Erin Hannigan, Supervisor, Solano County
Ed Prieto, Sheriff, Yolo County
Don Saylor, Supervisor, Yolo County
Oscar Villegas, Supervisor, Yolo County
Duane Chamberlain, Supervisor, Yolo County
Mike McGowan, Former Supervisor, Yolo County
Betsy Marchand, Former Yolo County Supervisor
Freddie Oakley, Clerk-Recorder/Assessor, Yolo County
Phil Serna, Supervisor, Sacramento County
Don Nottoli, Supervisor, Sacramento County
Frank Sieferman, Former Supervisor, Yolo County
Leon Garcia, Mayor, City of American Canyon
Jack Batchelor, Mayor, City of Dixon
Jerry Castanon, Councilman, City of Dixon
Steven Bird, Councilman, City of Dixon
Robb Davis, Davis City Councilmember
Brett Lee, Davis City Councilmember
Lucas Frerichs, Councilmember, City of Davis
Rochelle Swanson, Councilmember, City of Davis
Dan Wolk, Former Mayor, City of Davis
Joe Korvoza, Former Mayor, City of Davis
Jim Hilliard, Mayor, City of Woodland
Sean Denny, Councilmember, City of Woodland
Skip Davies, Councilmember, City of Woodland
Tom Stallard, Councilmember, City of Woodland
Dr. William Marble, Former Councilmember, City of Woodland
John Dunbar, Mayor, City of Yountville
Angelique Ashby, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Sacramento
Michael Martin, President Solano Community College Board & Former Mayor, City of Winters
Dilenna Harris, Council Member, City of Vacaville
Jan Arbuckle, President, League of CA Cities Women’s Caucus, and Grass Valley Councilmember
Bill Biasi, Mayor ProTem, City of Winters
Jesse Loren, Councilmember, City of Winters
Pierre Neu, Council Member, City of Winters
Harold Anderson, Council Member, City of Winters
Wade Cowan, Former Councilmember, City of Winters
Woody Fridae, Former Councilmember, City of Winters
Nanci Mills, City Clerk, City of Winters
Michael Sebastian, Treasurer, City of Winters
Robert Warren, Chair, Winters Joint Unified School Board
Michael Olivias, Member, Winters Joint Unified School Board
Carrie Green, Member, Winters Joint Unified School Board
Michael Nicholls, Sonoma County Manager
Marc Orloff, Member, Cotati-Rohnert Park School Board
Susan Rohan, Vice Mayor, City of Roseville & Chairwoman-Elect,
Sacramento Area Council of Governments
Missy McArthur, Mayor, City of Redding
Kristen Schreder, Council Member, City of Redding
Pat Eklund, Mayor, City of Novato
Heather Fargo, Former Mayor, City of Sacramento
Jiley Romney, Former City of Winters Councilmember
Rick Romney, Former President, Winters School Board
Chris Calvert, Former City of Winters Councilmember
John Wallace, former City of Winters Attorney
Jack Graf, Former Yolo County Superintendent of Schools
William Biasi, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Winters
Kate Frazier, Planning Commissioner, City of Winters
Frank Neal, Planning Commissioner, City of Winters
Pat Riley, Planning Commissioner, City of Winters
Paul Myer, Planning Commissioner, City of Winters
Craig McNamara, President, California State Board of Food and Agriculture
Sarah Hrdy, Professor Emerita, UC Davis
M. Hortencia Phifer, Director ELL Department, Esparto Unified School District
Susan Girimonte, Senior Director of Curriculum (Retired), Dixon Unified School District
Phoebe Girimonte, Administrator, Dixon Unified School District
Reed and Christine Harris, Principals, Harris & Co.
Kathy Cowan, President, Board of Directors, Winters Chamber of Commerce
Megan Curry, Vice-President, Board of Directors, Winters Chamber of Commerce
Lisa Brown, President, Winters Combined PTA
Germaine Hupe, Retired Teacher and Former Citizen of the Year
Paul Fawcett, Principal, Winters High School
Greg Moffitt, Principal, Waggoner School
Nick Girimonte, Principal, Dixon High School
Monica Cranston, Staff, Los Rios Community College
Todd Cutler, Superintendent, Winters Joint Unified School District
Rebecca Fridae, Educator, Winters Joint Unified School District
Joan E. Jussell, Educator, Winters Joint Unified School District
Kathy Hemeon, Retired School Teacher
Arn Williams, Retired Educator
Nan Williams, Educator, Winters Joint Unified School District
Wally Pearce, President, Winters Senior Foundation
Janet Aguiar, Vice President, Winters Senior Foundation
Joe Tramontana, Member, Winters Senior Foundation
Tina Lowden, Member, Winters Senior Foundation
Sharon Pearce, Member, Winters Senior Foundation
Karen May, Member, Winters Senior Foundation
Dave May, Member, Winters Senior Foundation
Jerry Lowden, Member, Winters Senior Foundation
Geri Tramontana, Member, Winters Senior Foundation
Mary Rolston, Member, Winters Senior Foundation
Patty Scharf, Member, Winters Senior Foundation
Alfonso and Laura Solis, Members, Hispanic Advisory Committee of Winters
Leticia and Jesus Quirante, Members, Hispanic Advisory Committee of Winters
Alicia Chavez Duran, Member, Hispanic Advisory Committee of Winters
Noe and Maria Gutierrez, Members, Hispanic Advisory Committee of Winters
Crescencio Mejiia, Member, Hispanic Advisory Committee of Winters
Howard Hupe, Retired Educator, Winters School District
Tony and Joanie Turkovich, Owners, Button & Turkovich/Turkovich Family Wines
Chris and Luciana Turkovich, Owners, Turkovich Family Winery
Tina Reikes, Owner, Bear Flag Farms
Bobbie Greenwood, Winters Swim Team Founder
Edgar Chavez, School Board Student Representative, City of Winters
Annie Dunn, Associated Student Body Yearbook, Winters High School
Lilia Walton, Associated Student Body, Winters High School
Jorge Zendejas, Executive Director, RISE Inc.
Kirby and Ellen Pedroia, Business Owner
Robert Bowen, Business Owner
Chuck Dudley, Farmer, Yolo County

John and Debbie Carbahal
Marge Graf
Peggy Graf
Claude Rohwer
Tom Adam
John and Leisah Garcia
Jennifer Basye, Author
Margaret Burns
Linda Nicholson
Forrest Bowen
The DeLaRosa Family
Norma Rae Hanz
Joyce Snyder
Stephen Cole, Attorney at Law
Meredith Cole
Andres Bermudez
Gigi Duenas
Edgar Chavez
April Kemp, Teacher
Dahvie James, Business Owner
Kristine Mietzner
Jesus Bermudez
Tom and Shirley Barth
Joanie Bryant, Educator
Janet Levers
Nicki Chapman
Donald Rominger
Lorraine Rominger
David Long
Robert and Betsy Bowen
Phil Watt
Howard Schemp, DDS
Francisco and Lucy Arellano
Stephen Newman, MD
Sara Jewell
Maurice Duenas
Thomas Negrete
Vincent and Teri Aguiar
Matthew and Doreen Aguiar
John and Jill Aguiar
Sebastian and Janice Sandoval
Bob and Marla Gordon
Duane and Jan Dunham
Robert and Jamie Wales, Educators
Rob and Carrie Day
John and Karla Knabke, Retired Librarian, Yolo County
Veronica Blake
Kirk Lovejoy
Robin Kulakow
Bill Julian
Valerie Garay
Norman G. Rosen, Attorney

Karen Rosen
Charles R. Wallace, Winters Express
Sheri Wallace
Linda Rae Necochea
Antonio Andrade
Muhasibi Shalom
Bill and Shirlee Hailey
Michelle Millet
Doug Stone
John Ferrera
Ashley and Chris Williams
John McPeak
Matt and Laura Mariani
Monica Cranston
John and Erin Hasbrook, President SunWest Wild Rice Co, Inc
Dan McGuire
DNA Hoover, Business Owner
Melanie Bajakian Pickerel, Business Owner
John Pickerel, Owner, Buckhorn
Lee and Elizabeth White
Lorie Lindsey
Jane Wells
Nick and Emarie VanGalio
Joseph and Meika Ogando
Joseph and Karen Ogando, Business owner
Duwayne and Jan Dunham
John Martin
Rafael Galiano
Vicki & Tom Jacobs
Cary Larson
Alfred & Kay Graf
Sandy Vickrey
Gloria Lopez
Jeffrey Uppington
Gilda Erickson
Mike and Betty Ann Ireland
Eric & Aletha Aichwalder
Linn Myer
Wallace & Joyce Neeley
Griselda Diaz
Kacey Herbst
Nancy Haskins
Roberta Tosta
Carol Ventura
Coralie Smiimons
Lynne Secrist, Teacher
Janny Tang
Elizabeth Lasensky
Nancy and Robert Lea
Susie McGowan
Partial list. Titles for identification purposes only.

“I’m a relatively newcomer to Winters, moving from Los Angeles four years ago. From the first day that I met Cecilia I knew she was concerned about our senior citizens as she piecemealed a senior housing solution and a senior citizen center for us. I can’t wait for the groundbreaking of both of these projects this summer. She has kept her focus on delivering a better, safer community for seniors and all residents. We need public servants like Cecilia in the Assembly.”

Mary Ralston, Winters Senior Citizen, 93 years young

“Cecilia has worked tirelessly for the betterment of our community and region. She is a visionary and works to collaborate with elected officials, our Chamber of Commerce members and the community to bring good solid businesses to Winters. She was instrumental in bringing the $75M PG&E training center to Winters, which has spurred the building of a downtown hotel, new retail and agri-tourism. These new investments will really help spur our economic development and continued revitalization of our community.”

Kathy Cowan, President, Winters Chamber of Commerce