Cecilia’s track record of getting things done and her understanding of regional and local needs makes her the best representative for this six-county district.

Build Strong Local Economies and Spur Job Creation

Building a strong local economy and ending poverty in District 4 means encouraging economic development, job creation and entrepreneurship. We need to create the kind of good-paying jobs that help build a strong middle-class.

  • Spur job creation by creating technology and small business incubators that deliver capital investment to local entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Tackle poverty at its core through a quality education system, increased job training, and more emphasis on mentoring and public-private partnerships.
  • Eliminate the digital divide by providing broadband access to all communities so our students can excel, and our small businesses and family farmers can compete.

Protect Agriculture, Water and Open Space

We need a representative that will fight to preserve the natural beauty of our District, while also being a strong voice for agriculture in the legislature. That means:

  • Protecting farmland and preserving open space. Ag is the lifeblood of many communities in District 4. We need to protect farmland and open space from suburban sprawl.
  • Implementing groundwater policies that will protect quality and sustainability, without undermining the ag economies that support communities throughout the district.
  • Encouraging water conservation and recycling.
  • Stopping the construction of the Delta tunnels and preventing Northern California water from being sent down south.

Rebuild a World-Class Education System

Cecilia’s dad was a 30-year, high school ag teacher, so she has a real respect for teachers and the challenges facing our public schools. We need to make California’s public education system once again the envy of the nation.

  • Invest in our kids and our future, through smaller class sizes and offering every student the range of classes they need to grow and prosper, like art, music and theatre, languages, advanced placement and gifted, and career-technical classes.
  • Make sure our schools are safe havens, where teachers can teach and children can learn.
  • Fully fund pre-kindergarten education for all California 4 year olds.
  • Increase vocational education and job training programs that help high school graduates and today’s workers prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Stop income inequality by combining accountability, support for teachers and parents, and efforts to improve low performing schools in our cities and rural communities.
  • Increase access to higher education by making tuition more affordable through increased funding and holding the line on administrative overhead.